Connection Grießenkareck & Grafenberg

With the Grießenkareck and the Grafenberg, the ski region has two fantastic mountains which are spectacularly connected by the G-Link Wagrain cable car. An interconnected ski area from Wagrain is possible both in the direction of Flachau and also St. Johann/Alpendorf. The lift opened in 2013 and stretches over the Wagrain Valley, offering a sensational height difference of seven metres which is covered in a six minute trip.

Every Thursday in July & August
Opening hours: 9am - 4:30pm

Wetter today in Wagrain
5 / 15°C weather forecast

WAGRAINi's Grafenberg

Mascot Wagraini with children

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Bikepark Wagrain

Child is biking in Wagrain

Freeriden & Downhillen at the cable car "Flying Mozart"


award-winning cable car

Excellent gondola in Wagrain

Action mountain Grießenkareck & Family mountain Grafenberg