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Starting point: Mountain station of the Grafenberg

Via the Gabel-Kitzstein to the Kleinarler Hütte:

  • Walk down from the top station of the Grafenberg lift to the Hachaualm, following alpine Assoc. trail  No. 713 to the trail crossing by the Sonntagskogel, turn left, now on alpine Assoc. trail No. 712 as far as the Auhofalm (not staffed). Via alpine Assoc. trail No. 712, making a steep climb to the summit at 2037m. Just below the summit, hike down across the mountainside (secured by a cable), then across alpine pastures to the Kleinarler Hütte. Hike back down to Kleinarl or, via paths 19 and 1 (the Sauwaldstrasse), to Wagrain. Time on trail: 1 day

Sonntagskogel, Spathkogel:

  • Enjoy the beautiful views from the top station of the Grafenberg, overlooking the lower and upper Tauern mountains, the Hochkönig range or the Tennengebirge. Follow the 2002 built alpine path down to the Hachaualm (staffed, refreshments available) and then follow alpine Assoc. path No. 713 to Sonntagskogel or Spathkogel. The path to Spathkogel is convenient for pushchairs. On the way back several refreshment opportunities are available e.g. Großunterbergalm, Hachau and Grafenbergalm. Time on trail: 2 hours

From Grafenberg to direction St. Johann:

  • This trail also takes you along the path 713, from where you turn left onto path no. 712 which leads you across the Hirschkogel area to Gernkogel (the peak of Gern is at 1787m) and then to St Johann by lift. Along the way, you can also make a side trip up Sonntagskogel which offers you a beautiful panorama of the surrounding countryside. In St Johann take the post bus back to Wagrain or hike back via Großunterbergalm (refreshments) to the top station of the Grafenberg. Time on trail: 4 hours.



Grießenkareck: Flying Mozart mountain station Themed walk to Rupertisee

The Mountain Lake “Rupertisee” is situated at 1,580 m altitude, above the mountain village of Wagrain. The “Flying Mozart” gondola takes you in a few minutes up to the top station at 1,869 m, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Salzburger mountain scenery. Directly next to the top station the path to Rupertisee starts, taking you down past springs and streams and across alpine pastures for about 45 minutes until you reach Rupertisee. Of added interest is the themed hiking path with fascinating insights into the region, information about the creation of the Austrian Alps and local agriculture; sporting opportunities on and around Rupertisee. Along the way you can enjoy the hospitality of many different mountain huts and restaurants, for example the Kogelalm directly by the top station, the Wagraineralm at the halfway point or the Almstadl, nearby Rupertisee itself. From the Rupertisee you can either hike back up to the top station, take the forest path to the middle station (about a 1 hour walk) or hike back down into the village of Wagrain via Hotel Berghof.

Starting point: Mountain station Flying Mozart

Alpine hike: Grießenkareck – Steinkaralm:

  • Hike from the top station up to the local mountain, Griessenkareck (1991m) and from there take trail No. 714 (Höhenweg Kleinarl) passing Ahornkarkopf, the Weissenhofalm and the Steinkaralm. From here hike down to Kleinarl.
    Time on trail: 5 hours


Wagraineralm  –Schüttalm-Kleinarl:

  • Hike from the top station up to theWagraineralm at 1750m. Then take the Bettlersteig path No. 714 (Höhenweg Kleinarl) up to the Ahornkarkopf, before heading down to the Frauenalmsattel. The trail then leads over Moosalm to the Gasthof Schüttalm (refreshment opportunity) and on to Kleinarl. Time on trail: 3 hours


Wagraineralm –Schüttalm-Bauernstüberl-Wagrain:

  • Via the Wagraineralm and Bettlersteig (No. 714a) to the Ahornkarkopf and Gasthof Schüttalm. From here, hike along path No. 33 to the Bauernstüberl, which is famous for its traditional Pongau cuisine. Then follow the Kleinarl hiking path (No. 1) to Wagrain. An alternative to the Bauernstüberl is following path 33 and then path 21 to the middle station of the Flying Mozart and then taking the lift back down to Wagrain. Time on trail: 4 hours


Alpine Hike: Grießkareck-Frauenalm-Jandlalm/Hofalm:

  • There are two paths from the top station of the Flying Mozart which lead to Ahornkarkopf(1,923 m). One goes past Wagrainer Haus and the other over Griessenkareck (elev. 1,991 m). The ridgeline takes you to Ahornkarkopf from where you drop down to the Frauenalm (Flachau) and via path No. 5B and 5 to Jandlalm and Hofalm. From the Jandlalm, there is a good path back up to starting point. Time on trail: 4 hours


Starting point: Middle station Flying Mozart

Daarmoossee - Edelweiss Alm - Bauernhofmuseum.

  • Starting point is the middle station of the Flying Mozart gondola – also possible is the top station of the Flying Mozart. From the top station hike down via the themed walk Rupertisee path No. 714 and path No. 21 to Daarmoossee. Starting at middle station of Flying Mozart the path No. 21 can be reached by a short climb up. Next to the lake you can see the alpine hut Edelweissalm and the old farmer museum (free entrance).  Hike down via Weberlandlstrasse and via Widmoosweg into the valley. Time on trail: middle station: 2 hours; top station: 4 hours.


Jandlalm via "Blauen Steig"

  • From the middle station of the Flying Mozart gondola via path No. 714: climb up half an hour and turn left via steep track path No. 31 to alpine hut Jandlalm. Time on trail: 2 hours

Alpine hike to Kleinarl Flying Mozart middle station to Kleinarl, path no 21

  • Above the middle station of the Flying Mozart hike along the forest road through the Schlögl- and Baierwald forest to Kleinarl on path No. 21. Time on trail: 5 hours.
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