Salzburger Almenweg

The Salzburger Almenweg: 350 km pleasure-hiking. From alp hut to alp hut - to be on the lane of the gentian

A leisurely hike from hut to hut, finding a comfortable speed, enjoying the impressive scenery and the variety of views, breathing in the calm of the mountain and lake world – all that belongs to hiking in Austria.

And the best thing is: there are numerous traditional alpine huts along the way offering you traditional food and refreshment.

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We are happy to present you with some of the hiking stages in and around Wagrain...

Stage 17: Ellmaualm - Wagrain (mountain station Grafenberg)

"Broad valley basin, rustic huts and meadows in bloom"
Starting Point:  Ellmaualm (possible to hike up via Ellmautal valley)
Finish Point: mountain station Grafenbergbahn (Wagrain)
Lowest Point / Highest Point: 1.480 m / 1.911 m
Total Elevation Change (in meter):                                                                      950 m
Length of Stage: about 17 km
Stage Characteristics: Alpine trail between elev. 1.500 and 1.900 mm with 2 substanial uphill sections
Time on Trail: about 6.5 hours


If you set out from Grossarl along the Ellmau valley, you will reach the start of the trail. The following stage from the Gross-Ellmaualm to the Sonntagskogel is primarily a high trail with beautiful views of the Hohe Tauern (Grossglockner), the Hochkönig and Tennengebirge. Leaving from the Gross-Ellmaualm, the trail takes us across to the Hennerbichlalm (not staffed), where the trail now becomes somewhat steeper as it takes us up to the Kartörl (magical views of the Hochkönig and Tennengebirge range). Hikers can enjoy this glorious scenery all the way down to the Spatalm and on to the Kleinwildalm (neither is staffed). After the Kleinwildalm we now begin a gradual descent to the Grosswildalm, continuing down along a supply road until the 3rd switchback, from which point a road branches off to the right towards the Karseggalm, a road which we follow through the high spruce forests. This and the following segment of the trail to the Unterwandalm afford wonderful views out over and into the Grossarl Valley. The Maurachalm is best reached by the forestry path which first takes us down to the Hochbruck hunting lodge (not staffed), before once again climbing uphill to the Muggenfeldalm and Maurachalm. After this we start a continuous climb up to the Sonntagskogel. Half way there, between the Maurachalm and Sonntagskogel, our trail is joined by the hiking path from St. Johann/Alpendorf. This is where the actual ascent to the Sonntagskogel begins (great panoramic views), which we will subsequently descend to the south. At the junction, the path continues towards the summit station of the Grafenberg lifts from Wagrain (finish/start of trail).

Reaching the trail head from St. Johann/Alpendorf:
From Alpendorf, we can reach the Salzburger Almenweg by taking a comfortable ride on the Alpendorf cable cars and then continuing on foot via the Gernkogel and Hirschkogel tarn. Ride the Alpendorf lifts back down to St. Johann/Alpendorf to spend the night, or take the Grafenberg lift to Wagrain. More info is available in the various towns.


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Stage 18: Wagrain (mountain station Grafenberg) - Kleinarl

"On the trail of Karl Heinrich Waggerl and Joseph Mohr"
Starting Point mountain station Grafenberg
Finish Point: Kleinarl
Lowest Point / Highest Point 1.014 m  / 2.037 m
Total Evelation Change:                                                                      700 m
Length of Stage:  about 12,5 km
Stage Characteristics: Alpine path with a somewhat strenuous climb up to the Kitzstein (Gabel) an a long descent to Kleinarl
Time of Trail about 4,5 hours

The Grafenberg lift provides a convenient way to reach the start of this stage. From the top station we have a short initial walk down to the actual start of the Almenweg, followed by a relatively flat hike to the Auhofalm. After this the trail branches off to the left and we begin a steep climb up to the Kitzstein (also known as the Gabel). Once we have reached the rather drawn-out ridge line which leads to the summit, we will have completed the most strenuous part of this stage - from now on the trail only ascends gradually up to the summit. Shortly before we get there, however, the footpath once again descends along the mountain’s western flank. When we reach a fork in the trail, the Almenweg takes us to the right until, after 1.5 km, we come to another fork. If you have more athletic ambitions, you might wish to head off via the Penkkopf to the Kleinarler Hütte, or you can take a left and continue downhill along a flattish hiking path.

After the hut and a short stretch on the access road, we will make our way down the footpath into the valley. After crossing the forestry road, a paved access road will take us to the Hirschleitenbauer. A footpath to Kleinarl begins between the stables and the farmhouse, first crossing a meadow and then heading steeply down through the forest, meeting up with the access road once more. We will make a right on to this, but only stay on it briefly, then make a left over an embankment and follow a newly constructed footpath back to town and the Kleinarl tourist information office.



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Stage 19: Kleinarl - Kogelalm (mountain station Flying Mozart)

"Scenic alpine hike"
Starting Point:  Kleinarl
Finish Point: Kogelalm Wagrain (Flying Mozart - mountain station)
Lowest Point / Highest Point: 1.014 m / 2.010 m
Total Elevation Change (in meters):                                                                     1.450 m
Length of Stage: about13 km
Stage Characteristics: Continuous uphill hike to the Steinkaralm, followed by an alpine path
Time on Trail: about 5.5 hours


From the tourist office, the route takes us a short distance uphill along the main road, before branching left into the Kreuzsalgasse at the church beyond Café Olympia. The trail continues steadily uphill and, after about 500 metres, turns right onto the Steineggweg, which will lead us to the Ennskraxn Café. This is where the supply road ends. There now follows a beautiful forest path, taking us through the Steinkargraben and reaching a forestry road in about 1 km. We will only be on this road for a matter of metres, before we take a right back into the forest. The larch forest becomes ever sparser and we are able to see the Ennskraxn. Once again back on the forestry road, it’s now just a short distance to the Steinkaralm. The supply road becomes narrower and narrower, until finally ending beneath the saddle (elev. 1832 m). It’s now just a short stretch and we’ll reach the high ridge which the Almenweg follows to the end of this stage (super views in all directions along this segment). We can already pick out our next refreshment opportunity, the Weissenhofalm. We now continue without any major climbs, past the Wildbühel and Mooskopf to the summit station of the Kleinarl cable cars.
The Almenweg, however, runs past the lift, then somewhat downhill along a supply road to the Frauenalmsattel. At this point a steep trail branches off uphill to the left and circles the Ahornkarkopf until it comes to a trail fork. We then continue via the Saukarkopf and Saukarfunktel to the summit station of the "Top Liner" chair lift (runs only in winter) (the flat Bettlersteig is less strenuous).
At the top station of the chair lift, there is an option to make our way via the Griessenkareck to the top station of the "Flying Mozart", or continue via the alpine cirque and past the Wagrainer Haus. Shortly beforehand, the trail makes a right and takes a broad arc, climbing gently to the Koglalm. The descent to Wagrain can be made on the "Flying Mozart" lift (runs in summer) or we can make our way down to Flachau by lift (likewise with a summer schedule) as well.



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Stage 20: Kogelalm Wagrain (climb via Flying Mozart) - Flachau

"Down the ski slopesr"
Starting Point:  Kogelalm (climb viaFlying Mozart)
Finish Point: Flachau
Lowest Point / Highest Point 905 m / 1.850 m
Totel Elevation Change (in meters):                                                                   10 m

Length of Stage:

about 7.5 km
Stage Characteristics: Across wide-open ski slopes and high-alpine forests
Time on Trail: about 2 hours

The Flying Mozart lift (runs in summer) gives us an easy way to reach our starting point.

This hike takes us primarily across the ski area, past numerous mountain huts including the Latschenhof, Jandlalm and the Waldgasthof. From the Latschenhof there is also an opportunity to take the lift back down to the valley.
Time and time again, we will cross the supply road which cuts across the ski slopes. Once we reach the Waldgasthof, we will continue along the forest’s edge down to the Neureithweg, following this for around 200 meters before making a left into a closed high forest. The footpath makes a moderately steep descent through the forest, until we come to the forest path shortly before the town of Flachau. This will now take us to the Griessenkarweg, which will, in its turn, bring us into Flachau.



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