Correct behaviour on the mountain

1. Check the mountain experience and physical ability of all walkers, including children, before the tour. You need to be surefooted and not suffer from dizzy spells when walking in the mountains.
2. Ensure exact planning with the use of tour descriptions and maps. Useful information from alpine associations and local people, such as mountain hut workers, can be of great help.
3. Make sure you have the correct equipment and clothing. Sturdy, warm, waterproof boots with non-slip soles are very important.
4. Before starting, let the hut owner, hotelier or friends know the route, destination and approximate timing of your tour.
5. Adjust the tempo to the weakest member of the group. It is especially important to go slowly at the beginning of a walk. Always keep an eye on other walkers in order to anticipate the symptoms of exhaustion in time.
6. Do not leave marked paths. Take great care when crossing steep grassy slopes, especially when wet and slippery. Crossing steep snow fields or glaciers is especially dangerous.
7. Never kick away stones (danger of injury for other walkers). Walkers should cross areas at risk of rockfall one at a time, quickly and without stopping.  

8. If the weather gets bad, fog comes, the path gets difficult or is in bad condition, then turn around. It is no disgrace, just good sense.
9. If an accident occurs, keep calm. If you are unable to get help via mobile phone, shouting, light signals or waving with large pieces of clothing, then go and get help. An injured person should normally be left at the place of the accident and should never be left alone.

10. Protect the flora and fauna. Take your rubbish with you.
11. How to behave with animals in the mountains : do not provoke cows, calves, sheep, horses etc., just behave “normally” and do not show any fear. Do not leave the paths, but go around the animals leaving them plenty of space.  
12. Always keep dogs on a lead. Dogs are absolutely never allowed to chase after the grazing animals, especially mother cows protecting their young. If a grazing animal should attack the dog, just let it run away for its own safety.   

Alpine Emergency: 140
International Emergency: 112

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